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Business Coaching to Understand your Clients, Target your Marketing, and Increase your Sales.

Want more clients? 

Click below to download GET BOOKED and start attracting your ideal clients today. 

Want more clients? 

Click below to download GET BOOKED and start attracting your ideal clients today. 

Business Coaching to Understand your Clients, Target your Marketing, and Increase your Sales.

Understand the problem you solve

Know why people book your service, and how it benefits them.

Clarify your ideal client

Identify who your offering is for, and where to find them

Offer a perfect solution

Create an offering that is irresistible, by knowing what’s important

Are you struggling to make sales or attract the right clients?

It’s frustrating when you have a great product or service, but you just can’t make the sales or bring on new clients.  Many business owners end up feeling confused and out of their depth.

Don’t get stuck trying to implement marketing activities that just don’t attract customers and clients.

Understand your ideal clients and start attracting them using the Sweet Spot Marketing Method.

attract the right clients

If you’re like the business owners I work with, you’ve got your eyes set on success. And while your business may seem to be succeeding, it surely shouldn’t be taking this much effort.

Success means different things to each of us.

Your version of what it means to be a successful business owner is what matters. To you it may mean:

  • Attracting clients who value your work and will buy
  • Getting in front of the right people
  • Having long term relationships with clients who consistently purchase from you
  • Having clients who love your work and are your raving fans
  • Having a balance between home life and work
  • Being less stressed and having time to do the things you enjoy
  • Leaving a legacy to those around you

It’s not enough to just be working, you want to be enjoying your business, feeling proud of what you have achieved and passionate about what is to come.

With Business Coaching
you can bring these 3 factors together and be working in

The Sweet Spot


Clarify the PROBLEM you solve

What is the REAL issue your customer has?


Be customer SOLUTION focused

The perfect offering will fulfill their need / lifestyle


Attract Your IDEAL Client

Nurture a niche who truly resonate & value your offer


I understand how difficult it can be to attract the right customers and clients. For 20+ years I’ve worked in P.R. and Marketing and within this time, built two businesses from scratch and successfully sold them at their peak. I’ve taken the best of all the methods I know and simplified them into The Sweet Spot Marketing Method. A coaching program that’s so intuitive, any business owner can implement it and attract their ideal clients with ease.

You may be a new mum trying to get your side hustle off the ground or an entrepreneur running multiple businesses. My clients are at all different stages of their business journey.

I’ll meet you where you are at and move you through the coaching program at your pace. You’ll be supported through your roadblocks, held accountable for your actions and have my expertise at hand whenever you need them.

Once you’ve implemented the The Sweet Spot Marketing Method in your business, your marketing strategy and messaging will be so clear. You will no longer feel confused and frustrated. You will attract ideal clients with ease, who’ll be able to see that what you offer is just what they need.

If you are serious about moving forward in your business and seeing success, then let’s talk.

Schedule a call and start attracting your ideal clients.

Work With Me

Are you looking to increase your sales and attract your ideal clients?

Whenever you’re ready, here’s three ways I can help you – starting from $297


Express 90 minute Brainstorm and plan program

Have you hit a roadblock? Let’s break down the critical issue that has left you feeling ‘stuck’ and frustrated then map out the action steps needed to move forward. Also great as a ‘taster’ coaching session.


Business Success Masterminds

Affordable group coaching for service business owners (who can’t stand networking and really don’t like sales, but need a plan they can stick to that will keep clients rolling through the door). Over six-months you’ll implement your unique marketing plan  – for committed action takers only!


We’ll delve deep into your business through the Discover and Plan workbooks then move onto 1:1 implementation coaching sessions where you’ll make the changes you need to in order to attract your ideal clients. 

Hear from Kayla about how she found working with Sweet Spot Coaching…

“I’ve been working with Sarah for 6 months… We did the half day workshop, then every two weeks we’ve been checking in. I’m really grateful to Sarah for the clarity and her insights in terms of Marketing and Strategy. The most valuable thing I got out of it was Sarah’s support.”

When you truly understand your ideal client you’ll know where to find them, what feelings their problem evokes, what messages resonate with them, and what offering will be attractive to them – and most importantly, WHY. 

Knowing your target audience is fantastic, but that’s just the outside of the circle. They are people who you think your offering may be relevant to.  Your niche is the percentage of people within that target audience who are actually interested.  However, we go much deeper. We want to identify your IDEAL CLIENT – the ones who are actually going to BUY from you. And then we can start them on a customer journey with you. 

I work with business owners in a number of ways. 1:1 coaching, group coaching, online workshops and adhoc sessions. Wherever you are currently at in your business, I’ll help you rise above the everyday tasks that are holding you back.  Together we’ll identify exactly what you want to achieve by uncovering your values – then create a path that leads you to your big goals, hitting smaller goals and completing microtasks along the way. Work with me and you’ll know that every minute you spend on your marketing is leading you towards your goals.


Client love from  Carrie at Red Feet Video

“Sarah is a blessing for a big ideas person like me, constantly reminding me of my overall goal, keeping me on track, and when they make sense, helping me to break my big ideas down into clear manageable steps.

Working with Sarah has been huge step forward for my business. Before working with her my messaging was unclear and my marketing had no overall strategy behind it.

I was listening to too many different people about what I should be offering, and how I should be promoting my business. “

“I give you a safe space to be able to step out of your business and reflect on what’s been going on.”

Together we’ll break down the problem, solution and ideal client, then create a strategy that fits with you as a person.


We start by getting clarity on your values, then build a plan that fits into your lifestyle, strengths and how you want the business to grow.

Whether you’re a mum at home with pre-schoolers, looking to gradually grow your business with your family, an employee with a side hustle or an established business looking to get a strategy in place with plans to sell, I can help you to reach your goals and enjoy your business along the way.

Here’s how I can help you to attract your ideal clients and customers.  First, schedule a call. We’ll talk about your business goals and marketing frustrations.  We can decide from there what’s the best path forward for you.

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