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Business Success Masterminds

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What if growing your business became your favourite task of the week?

You love running your own business, but sometimes you feel so alone.

Marketing, finance, HR, customer services  – if you did everything on your ‘to do’ list, there’d be no time left for actual client work.

You know you should be trying to grow your client base, but it’s hard to know where to start. Just the thought of ‘marketing’ and ‘sales calls’ makes your skin crawl.

You wish there was someone who could demystify marketing and sales and help you create a simple, effective plan to grow your business and attract the clients you want to work with.

A guide who could help you take all the knowledge and experience you have and package it so it appeals and resonates with potential clients.

Someone who could show you where to focus your time and attention to get the best results – and hold you accountable for taking action. Someone who could help you grow your business in a way that feels natural or even fun – no hype, no spam, and no sleazy sales calls.

But more than that you need support. You need to share this business journey with colleagues you can trust, like-minded leaders who will help you brainstorm solutions, share strategies that work and celebrate your success, give group coaching a try!

You need A Business Success Mastermind

The Business Success Mastermind offers affordable group coaching, support and accountability for service-based business owners (who can’t stand networking and really don’t like sales, but need a plan unique to them that will keep clients rolling through the door).

The Business Success Mastermind is six-month group coaching programme that take you step-by-step through the foundations of, identifying your ideal clients, packaging your services, and marketing your service-based business so you have a constant flow of clients.  

You’ll be part of a small group of like-minded business owners facing similar challenges, who get together once per month to learn, strategise, collaborate and implement one aspect of your business that will have a significant impact.

But the Business Success Mastermind is not just about the theory.

In your monthly session you’ll clarify the strategy for whatever aspect of your marketing you are implementing.

Then, we’ll meet once a week on Zoom for a focused ‘Get Stuff Done’ session, where you’ll take fast action to implement your marketing tasks with expert guidance and support- by the end of the 4 week period you’ll have that chunky task completed, up and running.   Here’s a few examples of what you could complete in a 4 week period.

Writing a lead magnet for list building
Creating strategic partnership proposal
Setting up a referral program

Plus, you’ll have the support of an incredible group of business colleagues who will cheer you on, collaborate, offer feedback and support your business.

“I worked with Sarah to establish a framework for creating proposals that would be compelling, visually represent the business and ultimately win work.

Once I understood the framework I was able to quickly create compelling
proposals. I created my first two proposals using the new framework in one afternoon – and won them both”

Junie Jumig – Windor Creative

Support tailored to your needs

To ensure you get the right support for your business, there are two different Masterminds to choose from.

Each mastermind is available via Zoom. You’ll follow a tailored six-month programme of focused learning and implementation, so that by the end of our time together you’ll have a focused, fun and effective marketing machine up and running, packages that are attractive to prospects and ideal clients approaching you, keen to work with you.

Choose the Business Success Mastermind That’s Perfect For You.

Get Booked 6 month Group coaching programmme

corporate to consultant 6 month group coaching programme

“Sarah really knows her work, is a pleasure to work with, makes it fun and easy and I can’t
wait to see what this brings. Thanks so much Sarah, It’s fabulous to work with you!”

Wick Nixon – Wicked Wellbeing

The Business Success Mastermind is perfect for you if:

You run a service-based business

You could be ex-corporate turned consultant, a nutritionist, a bookkeeper, a web designer, a copywriter, a coach or anyone else offering a service to consumers or to other businesses.

You need a constant flow of new clients

Your client cycle is less than 6 months, so you constantly need new clients coming through or you work on retainer but need to build up your client base.

You’ve got clients, but your heart’s not singing

Right now you’re working with anyone and everyone. Some are slow or low payers, some have you doing tasks you really don’t enjoy and others you just don’t gel with. You want to transition and build a stable of clients that you love working with and whose values you share.

You’re tired of going it alone

You could use expert support, guidance and an independent perspective on your marketing and business challenges.

You know you should get out more, but you don’t have time to ‘do coffee’

You’re ready to connect with purpose, learn from other business owners, get productive and take action to move your business forward. 

You’re ready to get stuff done

You don’t want to waste money on some online course you’ll never complete. You want a focused plan, dedicated time to take action, strategic support and accountability for getting it done and moving your business forward.

If that sounds like you, then it’s time we met.

“I have loved working with you – you have this brilliant way of asking the tough questions that really stretch me to places I didn’t know I could go! But you do it with warmth and humour and a real sense of wanting me to succeed.”

Jessie Snowdon – On the Go Physio

I’m Sarah Davies and I’m the founder of Sweet Spot Business Coaching

Over more than 20 years’ experience in sales, marketing and business coaching, I’ve learned that there’s one simple and vital element of marketing that’s often overlooked: the power of connection.

I’m not talking about formulaic networking breakfasts or superficial cocktail parties where you walk away with a stack of business cards and little else.

I’m talking about building networks in a way that feels natural and easy, finding fresh ways to delight your clients (so they spread the word and keep coming back for more) and choosing focused strategies that not only get results but make marketing your favourite task of the week.

As a service provider and small business owner, relationships and referrals are the foundation of your client base. Your prospective clients want to buy from people they know, like and trust – or from people their friends know, like and trust.

And that’s what you’ll learn and implement in the Business Success Masterminds: Simple, strategic ways to build your business and your referral network through the power of connection. You’ll learn how to get in front of your ideal clients, how to open doors that might appear to be closed, how to seek an invitation into the sales conversation and how to make it easy for others to connect with you- all in the setting of group coaching.

No pushy sales tactics, no sleazy marketing spin and no scattergun social media posts.

Did I just hear you sigh with relief? Yes, yes I did.

“Working with Sarah has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Having someone to step me through what I need to do and hold me accountable to actually do it has made a huge difference. To anyone thinking of working with Sarah I say do it.

I have made more in 4 months than I was making in an entire year 2 years ago – and I’ve only been working with Sarah for about 5 or 6 months. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.”

Katrina Johns, Accent Photography

Here’s how it works

The Business Success Masterminds are six-month programmes designed for service-based business owners who are ready to take inspired action and grow.

No matter which group you join, you’ll have all the support you need from an experienced business coach and an incredible group of like-minded business owners who’ve got your back

Each month, your mastermind will gather to learn about one pillar of marketing, brainstorm how to apply that pillar to your business and then make a targeted implementation plan. Then, each week we’ll get together on Zoom to smash out your tasks for the month and put theory into action.

Each month builds on the month before, so you’ll soon start to see results and by the end of our six months together you’ll have a focused, fun and effective marketing machine up and running.

Book a consult to find out which programme suits you best

Learn, connect and take action at the Business Success Mastermind

Consistently attract your ideal clients and grow your business

group coaching

Here’s What’s included

Get started session;

  • A 60-min 1:1 strategy session – I want to get to know you and your business, so we’ll get together on Zoom and identify the key focus areas to move your business forward. 

Monthly inclusions;

  • Group workshops – We meet as a group once a month, to workshop one aspect of your marketing. You’ll learn, collaborate and network with other business owners through engaging strategy sessions and brainstorming exercises and you’ll identify specific tasks to action over the month ahead. 
  • Weekly ‘Get Stuff Done’ (GSD) sessions – Every Monday, we get together live on Zoom, for a 60-minute focused GSD session where you’ll smash out your marketing tasks. You can bring along any questions or challenges, and we’ll troubleshoot them together live on the call. 
  • Training – Full access to a library of training videos covering everything from navigating sales call to creating proposals.
  • Email support – throughout the month. If you’ve got a question, drop me an email and I’ll respond within 1 business day. 
  • Proven resources – You’ll get access to proven tools and worksheets to simplify your marketing tasks and make implementation easy. 
  • An invitation to a private Facebook group for accountability, community and support. 

“Sarah is a blessing for a big ideas person like me, constantly reminding me of my overall goal, keeping me on track, and when they make sense, helping me to break my big ideas down into clear manageable steps. Working with Sarah has been a huge step forward for my business.

I was so overwhelmed by all the ‘shoulds’ that I was getting nowhere! Now I am clear on what I offer, and to who, and have a clear roadmap moving forward. Regular check-ins with Sarah keep me moving forward and even when the overwhelm sneaks back in, Sarah’s support gets me back on track quickly. If you have big goals for your business, but are struggling with the overwhelm of how to achieve them, I’d highly recommend working with Sarah.”

Carrie Harman Creative


there are two masterminds to choose from

Get Booked
Business Success Mastermind

  • 60-min 1:1 strategy session
  • 3-hour monthly meeting, in-person or on Zoom
  • 60-min weekly GSD session on Zoom
  • Library of training videos
  • Email support
  • Proven tools & resources
  • Private Facebook group

$450 + GST per month
Early bird – $400 per month for first 5 signups ($2400)

Minimum 6-month commitment.

Corporate to Consultant
Business Success Mastermind

  • 60-min 1:1 strategy session
  • 3-hour monthly meeting, in-person or on Zoom
  • 60-min weekly GSD session on Zoom
  • Library of training videos
  • Email support
  • Proven tools & resources
  • Private Facebook group

$450 + GST per month

$2700 + GST total

Minimum 6-month commitment.

Need more help to get stuff done?

If you’d like extra support, you can upgrade to additional 1:1 coaching sessions with me. As a RBPN service provider, you may be eligible for up to 50% co-funded supported to a max. of $5k to work with me

Book a chat to discuss the criteria and see if you’re eligible to apply. Or if you need help with implementation, my team of skilled digital marketing experts is available to support you at an additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a relief to finally have a clear strategy plan in place for our new business. One that aligns with our values and goals and one that I feel we can confidently and successfully implement. I love that we were able to group and focus on our target markets and break down our goals into microtasks that are achievable for us.

Karen Van Dolleweerd – Good Food Sisters

Got more questions?

I’d love to hear them. Book your complimentary chat and let’s see which Business Success  Mastermind is right for you.
Your business is too important – and the world is too uncertain – to keep on winging it. Join the Business Success Mastermind today and get the support you need to smash your goals and build a sustainable, enjoyable, profitable business.