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1:1 Business Coaching Program

The sweet spot marketing method + rapid results 1:1 Coaching Program over 6 months + 10 hours a month implementation from the Sweet Spot rapid results team.

Are you struggling to make sales or reach the right people? But some how you’re busier than ever and just don’t have the time to make the necessary changes.

You may have been in business for a while and need some expert unravelling.

Maybe you have too many offers and have to keep re-creating the wheel

Or perhaps every client wants YOU, leaving you no time to work on the business- or be able to scale.

This premium offering is an extension of the Sweet Spot Marketing Method. In a nutshell, it’s the signature 6 month coaching program with 10 hours of implementation from the Rapid Results team every month.

This options ensures that you get your business to where you want it – even if you don’t have the time to make all the necessary changes. You’ll still have all the coaching sessions to ensure that the business is authentic to you, fits with your vision and that you retain control over the decision making.

Here’s the outline of the  Business coaching program

My signature program,


is a 6 month coaching program that is designed to help you create a business framework that works for you based on your personal values and a marketing strategy that attracts the people you actually want to work with.

The business coaching program is split into these sections


Held over 3 session, each lasting 2 hours, we’ll get together via zoom (or in person) to delve deep into your business. 

We’ll look at your values, your goals and what you want to achieve. By analysing your ideal client, we’ll gain a deep insight into who they are, how you help them, where we will find them and what solution will work for them – and for you of course.

The Discover workbook offers a fun, creative and engaging way to take a step out of your business and really work on the bigger picture.


Got your goals sorted? Now let’s plan how to achieve them.

We can build a business framework to grow with you. This dedicated session will ensure your plan is bespoke and tailored to you, whether you’re at the beginning of your business journey, working around kids or juggling multiple staff and clients. We’ll prioritise your tasks so you can still have a work life balance.  You’ll have clear direction on what to implement each month without feeling overwhelmed and know exactly where to put your focus and time.


1:1 Coaching sessions  2 x month – It’s great to have a plan, but it can be hard to keep on track- Especially when you get stuck!  

Session 1 – We’ll break down the priorities for the month and what tasks you’ll focus on. You plan will be micro-tasked so you’ll know what you need to do and in what order.

Session 2 – the half way point. We’ll ensure you’re on track and break through any roadblocks. With expertise, support and accountability by your side, you’ll keep moving forward and hit your goals.

+ Rapid Results

The Sweet Spot Rapid Results team will dedicate 10 hours a month to implementing the changes you need to make in order to drive your business forward.  

The beauty of the Rapid Results program is that you still achieve exactly what you want, without having to carve out the time to implement – so you can spend your coaching time working through other priorities whilst someone else tackles the tasks. A great option for business owners who want results at double speed, or don’t have the capacity/skillset to do the work themselves.

Don't take it from me Hear from my clients!

“Starting a new business this year we wanted to set ourselves up well from the start with our marketing and Sarah has helped us do that. We have come so far- through things we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own and this is thanks to Sarah. Thank you Sarah- not only do you know your stuff, you are caring and understanding all at the same time.”

– Rebecca Smith, RJ Builders

“Wow, I have just come out of a marketing workshop and feeling so excited! My sisters and I have a business idea we have been working on for a while now. Getting close to launch and we recently had the opportunity to work with Sarah. I can’t tell you how this changed my thinking and mindset on marketing, and where to spend your money wisely etc. “

– Karen Van Dolleweerd

It is a relief to finally have a clear strategy plan in place for our new business. One that aligns with our values and goals and one that I feel we can confidently and successfully implement. I love that we were able to group and focus in on our target markets and break down our goals into microtasks that are achievable for us.

– Kelly Trebilco GFS

I highly recommend Sarah Davies. I had experimented with all sorts of marketing ideas that I heard about, with very mixed results. Sarah helped me to focus my energies on the parts of the marketing journey that will make the most difference.  I can tell it’s making a difference to my business, and I feel much more confident about the future.”

– Joanna Smith, Pukeko Learning

As a client, you’ll also be invited to join The Sweet Spot Pod – a community of business owners on a similar journey to you.  

Here’s what your membership includes;

Private Online Group

Find connection and support from business owners on a similar journey to you.  Rant about your week, rave about a win, set weekly goals and each other accountable in a supported safe and friendly space.

Monthly Online Training

Group video training sessions focused on marketing. – Educate yourself through Interviews, workbooks and breaking down of concepts. Templates included. Implement at your own pace.

Quarterly Meet Ups

There’s nothing quite like connecting with other business owners who understand the constant juggle and many hats you wear! Every quarter the Sweet Spot Pod Peeps meet up in Auckland socially.


As a Sweet Spot Pod member, you’ll get first dibs on all the special events held throughout the year. ‘Get Stuff Done’ sessions, Implement workshops and the annual retreat

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