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Business Retreats & Workshops for

Women in Biz

When you run your own business you’re juggling so many balls.

You don’t have the capacity to take a step back and identify the changes you need to make that you know will have a massive impact across your life and business.

Retreat & Reboot Weekend
If you’re mentally exhausted, ‘feeling lost’ or reactive in your life this weekend will help you:
  • Discover your true values across 7 life areas
  • Know what to drop when the wheels fall off
  • Prioritize what actually matters to you
  • Uncover triggers and roadblocks
  • Have mental consistency in your business & life

Create an actionable plan and vision board that propels you forward, so you can fill your cup every day whilst running your biz.

The Deep Dive Marketing weekend

(for the service business)

We’ll delve deep into your Ideal client to discover:
  • What marketing messages resonate
  • What values they hold
  • Where they hang out
  • Effective ways to reach them
  • How to nurture them through the customer journey

Then we’ll create a realistic actionable plan you can comfortably implement.

Give yourself a weekend to do something just for you that will help to drive your business forward and have a massive impact on you and those around you.

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Do you feel overwhelmed, time poor and exhausted by the relentless demands across your life?

Do you need a space so you can work on your business instead of in it?

Do you want to have mental consistency and say goodbye to indecision, procrastination and confusion?

Do you want to propel yourself and your business forward?

Are you ready to make change?

1. Put aside a weekend

2. Book your spot

3. Implement the plan

I hear you…

I understand how it feels to be a business woman who is stretched in every direction.

We wear so many hats, and whilst you know that your business & life is not sustainable, you’re too busy and frazzled to have the mental capacity to address the issues and make an actionable plan.

Weeks fly by and with the best intention, you never get around to carving out the time you need to work through your roadblocks.

Don’t continue to make sacrifices to keep your business going.

Don’t keep working harder and harder, start working smarter.


Are you ready to book a Weekend Biz Retreat or Workshop?