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Meet Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah,

I’m a strategist and coach for service business owners who want proactively create a profitable business and scale beyond the hourly rate- and have time to live life along the way (aka without sacrificing every hour, dollar and relationship).

My coaching style is a little different.  Working with me, we start your values & use them as an anchor, that way we know we’re creating something you’re aligned to. After all, you want to build a business and life you love, right? 💝

My journey in business started pretty young, as my peers were playing hopscotch at the tender age of 8, I was selling quails eggs to delis and restaurants. Whilst we were both trying to hit the right number, theirs was with a pebble on the pavement, & mine was on a plastic Casio calculator. 🧮 

Looking back, it was all part of the journey to become the person I am now. Academically, I struggled, my dyslexic mind saw things in a way that didn’t get me grades. I was led by passion, creativity and optimism.

I don’t have a woeful story of failure.

I got comfortable with failure… & comfortable with getting back up.

🔓 Where you see a locked gate, I see the gap where one of the poles rusted.
🔓Where you see a launch that flopped, I see the simple tweak you need to make.

I know what it’s like to create a business which is reactive – that feels like you’re constantly in the hustle and grind mode – and I know what it’s like to proactively build a business that’s aligned to your values and strengths and functions with ease and flow –  because I’ve done both. Working with me, we use a logical phased approach that maximises motivation and minimises overwhelm.

I’ve been through the agency world, started a couple of businesses then sold them as my personal circumstances changed – (3rd baby arriving and an international move to support my husband). I have a deep understanding of how to create a successful service business and now I spend my time sharing my knowledge and helping others succeed.

I meet you where you’re at & help you to connect – with your business, your values, your ideal clients and people in my extensive network who may be able to help you.

Are you caught up in perfectionism and procrastination?
That little quail egg business, was totally unready.


It never had a name, business cards or even headed paper. 
It didn’t have all the bells and whistles that keep people stuck – ‘getting ready’.

But the ☎️ kept ringing because;
🎯 It solved a problem
🎯 Offered a perfect solution
🎯 Priced right 
🎯 Served a specific ideal client

Ok, I know that business has moved on since those hopscotch days, but the principles remain the same- and you need to find the easiest path to get there, and someone in your corner, to catch you when you fall.

If you’re ready to proactively create a service business that’s aligned to your strengths, values and goals then I’d love to chat with you.

Sarah x

Sweet Spot Business Coaching offers services which are registered with the Regional Business Partner Network.

Small businesses within NZ may qualify for co-funding of up to 50% (to a maximum of $5k) to help you pay to upskill in your business. How awesome is that? Email me to find out the criteria requirements.