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Sweet Spot Success
1 -1 Coaching

Work with me 1-1 to untangle the chaos, lose the stress and let’s get traction in your business

You’re feeling lost or demotivated in your business even though you’ve been in business a while

You’re fed up with the feast or famine client cycle and don’t know how to get a consistent flow of clients
You have multiple businesses and you’re tied up in knots
Your business feels cobbled together and you need to fill the foundational gaps that are missing
Your business has plateaued, you’ve lost confidence and you’re wondering if you need to just get a job
You want to change direction in your business without losing money in the transition phase
You’re vulnerable – more than 40% of your work comes from one anchor client
You’re not making money

If you’re thinking that’s me, then you’re in the right place.

Without solid foundations your growth is limited, which can feel demoralising and leave you wondering if you’re cut out to be a own a business owner.

Who is Sweet Spot Success for?

Created for seasoned service entrepreneurs who are feeling they have plateaued, outgrown or are tangled up in their business.  You know there’s a problem – even if you can’t articulate it. I’ll help you find the bottle necks and solve the issues.

I’m a strategist and coach specifically for service businesses and have a deep understanding from 20+ years experience of what makes a service business sustainable, profitable and successful.

Sweet Spot Success is a 1:1 program that delves deep into your business to figure out what the problems are, unearth the gaps in your foundations then, using a phased approach, support you to create a robust strategy and implement change- so you can proactively build a business that you love.

You’ll be able to stabilise your business, realign your compass and gain traction through business coaching.

How does it work?

Over a minimum of 3 months we’ll meet twice a month and analysis each part of your business as we work through the following phases;

Investigative – Let’s figure out what’s really going on
Strategize – What needs to change and what’s the solution?
Implement – Time to roll up your sleeves and make change

During our time together, we’ll cover Mindset, strategy, messaging, service, marketing and client conversion (aka Sales). We’ll create a strategy encompassing all of these areas and you’ll be supported with the tools, guidance and accountability you need to implement change, gain confidence and be proactive in your business.

When you work with me, it’s not just the 1:1 coaching sessions,  you’re joining a community of ambitious, kind hearted service entrepreneurs who like you, value connection.

JitterBubs Camila (1)

“Sarah guidance was instrumental in helping me turn my business around, from the impacts of Covid- to breaking into the 6 figure club. I’m so grateful for Sarah’s guidance with strategy and helping me win contracts that previously I would never have dreamed I could secure. She has such a deep knowledge of service businesses and really helped me get solid foundations in my business.”

Camilla Leal Rossi – Jitterbubs

Without a strategy your growth is limited.

If you feel as though your business needs untanglingAnd you’re ready to get unstuck, book a chat and lets talk about bridging the gap between where you are now…

Sweet Spot Business Coaching offers services which are registered with the Regional Business Partner Network.

Small businesses within NZ may qualify for co-funding of up to 50% (to a maximum of $5k) to help you pay to upskill in your business. How awesome is that? Email me to find out the criteria requirements.